Adventures in recycling

We got home late Tuesday evening and I had a very inportant task to complete. I was told by my father that my sole responsibility while he was away was to put the recycle bin out on Tuesday. On the front of the bin is a label that explains that it is only picked up every other week and that it must be on the curb by 5am. As I drove through the neighborhood late Tuesday night I did not see any other recycle bins, but there was a family of javelina's at the end of our drive. I pulled in the garage and shut the door before daring to get out of the car. Javelina's are freaky things and there were babies, which implies angry momas. Being the chicken that I am I called my friend and she suggested a flashlight to keep them away from me. So I dragged the huge bin of junk mail and water bottles to the curb as fast as I could and ran back into the house. To my surprise no evil javelina came charging at me from out of nowhere. The next morning we were leaving around 9 and I went to retrive our bin, since it was the only one sitting out, I figured all of the other good home owners had already brought there bins inside. To my dismay it was still full. So I dragged the big bulky thing back to the garage, figuring it was an off week. Later I told my dad that we had the week wrong and that no other bins were out. He had such a simple answer for me. "Oh, nobody else recycles, so ours would be the only bin out." Of coarse, why didn't I think of that! And this leaves me with reason 157, why I don't fit in in Scottsdale anymore.

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