And the Adventure Continues

Well, it appears that I have made it through yet another day. Maybe because I got to go for a walk this morning. I actually woke up with a bit of energy, compliments of two girls sleeping seamlessly through the night. Since we were both up before any of the little ones, I took a quick walk down to Peet's for an iced coffee to get the day going. Even with sleep, I need the help at this point. It was so nice to be back outside so early. The fog was still hanging on the trees and the sun hadn't burned through yet. I am not sure why, but I think that flowers actually smell more in early hours, either that or I just notice them more when I go slowly. It was only 30 minutes and a medium coffee, but I did revel in it. It is the small things in life that make such a huge impact. One of the other small things today was the cat. (I use the term small liberally, she is a very fat cat) Claire has been a bit down lately, each day she gets stronger and smarter, she is more aware of her limitations. Today Athena joined her for nap time. Claire was so excited that she couldn't sleep, so they sat and listened to Dr. Seuss, book on ipod. Since Claire was resting, by 3pm I found some time for a quick bite to eat. Of coarse, being Miss Amazing, I dropped the glass dish with the fork in it, starteling Chloe awake and bringing he straight to screaming for her life. From there on I can't remember much, I do recall that they were both very tired. When Jared got home I announced that we were getting takeout sushi as I would not be cooking do to complete exhaustion. Only sixteen days home alone with both girls before school starts, I think, that by the sheer grace of God, we will actually make it. Yeah! for those of you that would like to see more pictures ofthe girls, here is a link to my flickr page


Anoiting With Oil

Last Sunday was the baby dedication at our church. We realized that with all of the stuff that was swirling around in our life for the last 3 and a half years, we never had Claire dedicated. So we took the opportunity to dedicate both Chloe and Claire. We have been blessed with an amazing church that we are part of. The dedication was different than others that I have seen, it was so special. As a prayer was said, we anointed the girls oil, Jared Chloe and I Claire.

This was the Prayer:
May her mind have Your wisdom
May her eyes see Your Glory
May her ears hear Your voice
May her mouth tell Your truth
May her heart be Your home
May her hands do Your work
May her feet follow wherever You lead
And may her knees only bow before You,
her loving Lord and God.
I was really surprised at how intense an experience it was for me, it has taken a few days to process it all, thus the delay in blogging. As I touched her hands it was as if it all hit me at once, God is going to use these. I continued and touched her feet and her knees. I am just so in awe of a God who not only does not discriminate, He excels at using the weak and the broken. As I continue to process what happened that morning, what we promised our church, what they promised us and what I know God has promised I am so encouraged. It is as if the weight that I put on myself was lifted. We are always working, on standing, hand use, communication and we will continue to. But the difference is the realization that God is already at work, using who Claire is right now. I loved the process of publicly recognizing that the girls are a gift from God. If only I could do that every day for everything in my life. With all this rattling around in the back of my head, we come to bedtime tonight. We did our usual, two girls in the bath tub, fun splashing routine. After Chloe was down and the lights were out, Claire got a huge frown face. The dramatic frown that quivered slightly with one giant tear slowly rolling down her cheek. I talked with her and asked some questions to try to figure it out. It is really a tough thing to explain to a three year old that Jesus loves her so much, that He made her special so she can't talk. Lucky for me as we had this conversation the cat came and sat on her pillow and nudged her head, for this a small smile broke. So in this literally dark hour, as I sat by the bed with a sweet little girl, I am awe struck. That she does know the peace of the Lord, weather she knows it or not. Could it be, that God can work through fat kitty cats too? The picture is of the lovely Claire, on the way to the church building for the dedication.


I spoke too soon

I was feeling better, so I went ahead and gave myself my medicine just after the last post. Sure enough, I have been under the weather ever since. I think that I am starting to turn the corner and get a little more energy. Of coarse, another dose is due next Monday, oh well! So I am not having much energy for the blogging, here is a quick summary. Claire is doing great, there haven't been many recent pictures of her by herself because she always wants to be standing(hard to take a picture and catch at the same time). She is getting really good at finding her center and we are hopeful that she will take her first steps sometime soon (by soon I mean this year, Rett world moves very slowly) She has one more week of summer school and then a six week break. I am trying to get strong so we can have lots of fun during that time. Chloe is doing great! She went for her 2 month check and the doctor said she was "perfect" I agree. She too has the cold, which I just hate. Somehow she still manages to get out lots of smiles and coo's. That's all for now, we are off to PT, the fun continues...