180° SOUTH

A little while back something miraculous happened, Jared got to choose the movie we watched on Netflix. The poor guy lives in a house with three females so I indulged him in a documentary that I thought was about mountain climbing. Less than 30 seconds into it and I knew that I didn't need to indulge him, this was going to be a great movie and it was. That is why I am starting off my month of amazing by talking about it. You can click here to see a short trailer (there are two, I prefer the newer one) for the film if you are interested, in my mind it is worth it for the scenery alone. They call themselves the conquerors of the useless. Perhaps it is because so often I feel as if I have no margin, no room for anything that doesn't count at least twice, either way this story really intrigued me. We have adopted a new motto for The Adventures of Captain Awesome and Miss Amazing that we got from the movie and I will leave you with it. Seriously, if you have time to kill and Netfix, you won't be disappointed, it's amazing!

"It's not an adventure until something goes wrong." Yvon Chouinard

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