June Gloom

I have never been a person who really likes summer. I like to work, as a kid I liked being in school, I know, I'm a dork, but I'm a smart dork ;-) Anyway, I am so excited because I am enjoying summer. Maybe it's because the sun doesn't come out until after 11 most days and the high is about 79. This morning during my walk I couldn't help but notice the intense colors of the flowers. One of the things about they gray is that it makes color really pop. Wow, if that isn't a metaphor for my life! It is so true. Chloe is now doing things that only in my wildest dreams can I imagine Claire doing, and it is great! That was so hard to get out, deep breath. I am not sure what it is but I am really reveling in the greatness that is Chloe this week. She is so cute, so vibrant and absolutely amazing. I have found myself standing back and just enjoying as she gets her jacket and her purse and heads to the door when it is time to go get Claire from school. I do think that part of why I have been able to enjoy her is because Claire has let up a bit. Last week was long and painful, it just was. No school is no fun for our family. Now that Claire is in summer school her laughs are full, her smile is bright and my load seems a little lighter. So with the balance of shorter work days for Claire we are able to squeeze in a little more fun and still be rested enough to have it, it is great! I should say, it is great on the days that it works. Today was one of them and I am hoping that tomorrow is too.


Dawn said...

beautiful post!

mj said...

we're greatful for great days. :) you ARE smart.

mj said...

i mean grateful. i'm smart too.