I'm surprised why?

I think it is safe to say that from age 3 to 4 pretty much all I did was advocate for Claire. Not just for services, but educating friends and family as well. I feel like all I did was try to explain to the world that there was an amazing and intelligent girl trapped in that body. Yesterday afternoon Claire was sitting at the table with her computer and Jessi when I was bringing up everything from my truck. The last thing that I came through the door with was a little potted plant that Claire grew for me at school as a mother's day gift. I told Jessi that it was my gift from Claire and what did Claire say? Without hesitation she went to the page that had "make" on it and said it and looked right at me. I told her how much I love it when she makes things for me, I was so excited that in that moment she had such purposeful communication. Why am I so surprised? Didn't I just tell the entire world that she is wonderful and smart? I am just loving it as she continues to say amazing things. Since she is using her device so appropriately I think that I will now use it to my advantage. Mother's day is coming and pretty much it goes without saying that Jared can't read my mind and so I will be disappointed on some level. So I am going to program Claire's computer with some messages about what I want for the big day. Then I will show them to Claire so she can say them to her dad on Saturday. Isn't that what people do with their normal kids? Tell them key things to say to the other parent. The picture is of Claire using her computer to negotiate at dinner. I say 5 more bites and now she says "less" I should have known that giving her this type of power would make things harder for me, but in the best possible way!


Erica said...

Go claire go! thats so awesome. I hope this is what we will be doing next year with avery! love you guys!

The MacDonald Family said...

tears! Happy Happy tears! I just LOVE how Claire is communicating - keep it up amazing angel!!