And the Adventure Continues

Well, it appears that I have made it through yet another day. Maybe because I got to go for a walk this morning. I actually woke up with a bit of energy, compliments of two girls sleeping seamlessly through the night. Since we were both up before any of the little ones, I took a quick walk down to Peet's for an iced coffee to get the day going. Even with sleep, I need the help at this point. It was so nice to be back outside so early. The fog was still hanging on the trees and the sun hadn't burned through yet. I am not sure why, but I think that flowers actually smell more in early hours, either that or I just notice them more when I go slowly. It was only 30 minutes and a medium coffee, but I did revel in it. It is the small things in life that make such a huge impact. One of the other small things today was the cat. (I use the term small liberally, she is a very fat cat) Claire has been a bit down lately, each day she gets stronger and smarter, she is more aware of her limitations. Today Athena joined her for nap time. Claire was so excited that she couldn't sleep, so they sat and listened to Dr. Seuss, book on ipod. Since Claire was resting, by 3pm I found some time for a quick bite to eat. Of coarse, being Miss Amazing, I dropped the glass dish with the fork in it, starteling Chloe awake and bringing he straight to screaming for her life. From there on I can't remember much, I do recall that they were both very tired. When Jared got home I announced that we were getting takeout sushi as I would not be cooking do to complete exhaustion. Only sixteen days home alone with both girls before school starts, I think, that by the sheer grace of God, we will actually make it. Yeah! for those of you that would like to see more pictures ofthe girls, here is a link to my flickr page

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