Party for the Osborne's

Tonight we celebrated the Osborne family as they head out on a new adventure to Redding, CA. We will miss them and I am really glad that we got to have one last party with them before they left. It gives me such joy so see Payton clearing all of the toys in Claire's room to make way for the dance floor. This time she had the foresight to bring good dance music, as Veggie Tales wasn't cutin' it. As everyone arrived all of the kids gravitated to the disco party that had ensued in Claire's room. At one point we were told, "No adults allowed" which was great really, because we had a nice time getting to talk just the adults. We are so blessed to have such good friends here. Claire loves having tons of other kids around, although it is a bit much for Jared, it's worth it. Having 19 people over for dinner could be overwhelming, but it's just so fun. We will miss you Travis, Annette, Payton, Jonah and Davey. If you ever need a disco fix, you know where to find us :-)

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