Oh,how I love the market!

If you haven't figured out yet, I love food, really a lot. As a person who is very involved with food I do also use it as a tool to cope. Today I ventured off to the Scotts Valley Market in need of onion rings, because they make me feel better. First I ordered our sandwiches from Colleen (you can always trust a person with a name like that) and then I went to the buffet to get my prize, onion rings. To my dismay, there were none to be found. I asked if there were some in back and Colleen said she could throw some in the fryer, so I figured, sweet. You can imagine my surprise when she left the counter area and went to the produce section only to return with, onions! I left to the check stand with fresh pressed sandwiches and onion rings that are to die for. I was thinking it was a little close to when the crew was coming over for dinner and a little soda could help get everything done a bit quicker, and soda and onions go very well together. To my delight, the market sells single cans of soda, I didn't have to buy a full 20oz. of carbonated sugar. What joy! This may seem very trivial, but I do love the Scotts Valley Market, and the fact that if I need three fresh fried onion rings and a little taste of soda, it will be there for me, along with all of the other amazing things there.

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