Happy Father's Day to Captain Awesome

It is true. I am one lucky momma to have a counterpart like I do. In case you are wondering how my husband got to have such a title, you can read about it here. I don't know if awesome is really a good enough word to describe a man who can: wear a crown to a tea party, wear a glitter covered t-shirt in public to support team Claire, drop everything the second he walks in the door to have bath time with a two year old, stay up late when he is exhausted to check on Claire and make sure she is still breathing and read Dr. Seuss over and over enough to have memorized most of the collection, but it will just have to do. So here is to Captain Awesome, the best daddy these two girls could dream of.


mj said...

oh, captain awesome. i think it's a perfect name. loooooooooooove that picture.

Erica said...

best picture EVER! love it all!