Helping the bees

Today we got to have lunch with Grace and her mom, Colleen. As we sat and chatted Grace headed to the flowers to play. She drifted farther from the table and Colleen asked her to come back closer to the table. Grace explained that she was helping the bees to pollinate. Colleen was so patient while she explained that the bees didn't need her help, they could handle the job themselves. It was a moment in time that my brain clicked. I am so busy trying to help Claire to do everything that I want her to do. Truth be told, God has the situation under control. He is so good at that stuff, just like He made the bees perfectly to help the flowers, He is perfectly caring for Claire.


rosa said...

You are a blogging success! Two beautiful posts, really I am quite impressed. Can the blogosphere handle TWO Colleen blogs? Maybe I should stick with my assumed identity, the world would implode.

Colleen said...

I think that as long as we both spell our name right, there is room for the both of us. Between Grace and Claire, there is plenty to support two blogs :-)